about us

SELT is a company that provides specialized outsourcing services, integrating the assembly of electronic boards, wiring harness and electronic equipment.

"three productive processes helping to simplify your logistical operations."

At SELT we master the skills and knowledge that allows us to run more efficient operations that contribute to the increase of our customers competitiveness.

Our integrated offer, based on our cumulative experience over the years, allows us to give an efficient and consistent response to the complex challenges that our client's equipment production requires. Therefore, we ensure that our clients are focused on their core business.

Our value proposition ensures the most economically advantageous solutions for our clients through streamlined processes and an integrated supply of the three productive processes, helping to simplify their logistical operations.

We know that integration, flexibility, precision and proximity are the attributes that make a difference in the marketplace. We highlight flexibility given the ability to produce small quantities with short deadlines, which translate into benefits for the client.

For all of this, we claim ourselves as the best partner for integrated equipment assembly solutions, relying on three core factors that differentiate us from other players in the market.

Política de Qualidade


Ability to produce small/medium series and short-term delivery.


Full integration of electronic wiring and assembly with our full responsibility.


Ability to use precision processes, to ensure the quality of our clients demanding products.



Certificado de conformidade ISO-9001 2018

The growing interest in producing with Quality and demonstrating it on a daily basis is a positive differentiation that has been affirming throughout our activity.


SELT has been certified by this organization since 2015 to produce UL products ('wiring harness' category).


We are focused in Western Europe (Nearshore), but always pursuing new opportunities worldwide.



SELT is currently working in several sectors such as
Banking, Medical, Transportation, Security, Telecommunications.

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